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Lala Goes To Apple

image thumb18 Lala Goes To Apple

The rumors aren’t rumors any more as Apple appears to have actually acquired the online music streaming startup. Now that is going to be a bit harsh for Lala users, given how Apple has strict policies on using whatever is its property. 10 cents to stream a song any number of times is what Lala users are accustomed to but that will very well be gone with this acquisition. I am not sure what actually provoked Lala to go ahead with this but to be honest with Apple it may actually add more alternatives to let its users store and play music.

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image thumb1 BusinessWeek sees change of Guard as Bloomberg completes Acquisition

Business Week is not more the property of McGraw Hill, the firm that has had its ownership for almost a century now. Today the acquisition of the magazine was completed as its ownership came in the hands of Bloomberg. The deal’s financial aspects remain undisclosed but reports put the deal to be valued at a cash vale of around $15 Million, which includes a payment of $5 Million and the rest of the amount in liabilities.

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image thumb42 HP to acquire 3Com: Lets break Ciscos hegemony

In bid to expand into the networking industry, the leading computer manufacturer HP will be acquiring 3Com. The idea is perhaps to counter Cisco whose networking products dominate the industry. 3Com also sells  the similar devices. The other reason could be to break the hegemony of one vendor in the networking scene and Cisco is a perfect example while 3Com on the other hand has been stagnant in growth. The vendor can very well utilize HP’s global influence to gain market share. The acquisition will cost HP $2.7 Billion.

image thumb2 Zappos goes to Amazon for $1.2 Billion, all the patience was worth it

After almost four months in talks, Amazon has finally pulled the shutters on the Zappos deal as it acquired the online retailer for shoes for $1.2 Billion. That’s almost $400 Million more than what had been anticipated. I guess Zappos will be more than happy with that, rather would have waited a bit longer if it could have fetched an even higher price. The management team at Zappos will remain as it is and will continue operations in its head quarters in Las Vegas, NV.

image thumb75 comScore acquires Certifica, wants to have some influence in Latin America

ComScore, the web measurement and analytics company has bagged Certifica, which provides similar services. Certifica is based in Latin America and the purchase would help comScore have some influence in the region as well. We aren’t aware of the terms and finances of the deal. As for Certifica, the web analytic company has existed since 2000, providing stats on the Internet usage in the region.

image thumb43 WeFollow Follows into Digg’s Ownership

Looks like Digg found Kevin Rose’s Twitter directory worth having as it acquired WeFollow. The site lets users visit the site and and have themselves registered there. The site has grown quite exponentially over time with more than 650,000 followers. Well there has been no cash paid for this acquisition and it’s more like a transfer of personal ownership to Digg and with this, Digg will get its hands on the sort of data it needs from the much famed Twitter users. WeFollow will itself as it tries to find a better way to rate themselves by letting them tag their accounts to a category. Meaning the more accounts following one user tag themselves with the same that would make a particular account more trustable.

image thumb32 Egyptian Blog Noupe Acquired by Smashing Magazine

Here comes news of quite an important acquisition in the Arab world as Smashing Magazine acquired Noupe, an Egyptian blog. Why? Well because Smashing Magazine is the most popular web development and design website with over 4 million visitors a month while Noupe also focuses on both design and development of websites. We aren’t aware of the cash value of this acquisition but I bet its quite a heavy amount given that the blog generated a very healthy monthly traffic with close to 35,000 feed subscribers. Apart from the finances of the deal, the acquisition is more than just encouraging for the Arab world given that it shows the interests of the West in the region.

cash thumb Another high priced .com Domain sell out: Insure.com goes for $16 Million

Here comes another news of a .com being sold for a high price, Insure.com was sold for a staggering $16 Million! This makes the Candy.com acquisition pretty low. This one makes a huge leap, given that it was bought for a tenth of its sale price. The site existed as an insurance broker and has been acquired by QuinStreet. The acquisition is the highest in the current year amongst the many domain purchases that have been made so far.

Dopplr acquired by Nokia

image thumb54 Dopplr acquired by Nokia

Finnish mobile manufacturing giant, Nokia is set to expand its territories further as it acquired travel social network Dopplr. The service provides users a place to share the future travel plans they have with friends. The acquisition has cost Nokia somewhere in the range of $15 to $22 Million and has been made right when Dopplr was anticipating a new round of funding. The social network had been cofounded by Marko Ahtisaari, who previously was Nokia’s Director of Design Strategy.

acquisition thumb Tiny Pictures goes to Shutterfly for $2.6 Million

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