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image thumb24 MacBook Air 3G, Definitely In Plans But Apple Isn’t Going To Make It Look Like One Eared Shrek!

There is a new spelling to Ugly and it’s the MacBook Air with an Antenna pictured above. Before I go any further, let me state my verdict, anything as horrendous and mutated as this is never getting out of the Apple headquarters. At least as long as Steve Jobs, Tim Martin and those sharing their vision are running Apple.

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image thumb99 End Of Facetime For iPhone? Skype Video Calling Now Available For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

As rumored earlier Skype has officially released the video calling functionality for all iOS Devices. This includes your iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. The version 3.0 of the app will support video calling capabilities with users of the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the 4th Generation iPod Touch.

The latest version has support for the iPod Touch 3G and the iPad too. But since both devices lack a front facing camera, therefore you can receive video calls but can’t send a video back. The Skype app for the iOS device also supports video calls over 3G and can also receive calls from the traditional desktop Skype App. So you can communicate at ease with anyone back at home while you travel. The app also supports portrait and landscape mode.

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image thumb10 FaceTime No More WiFi Only – Comes To 3G Via My3G For iPhones

I guess the best feature on the iPhone 4 that was boasted about at the WWDC was the FaceTime, the ability to have a voice conversation via the WiFi connection. This wasn’t available over your 3G primarily for the fact that AT&T’s data plan couldn’t allow that. Of course without seriously burdening your wallet. Many iPhone users would have cursed the unavailability owing to the fact that WiFi isn’t readily available and the numerous apps that do enable voice chat don’t really give in a great experience.

Welcome My3G, the app that lets you make FaceTime calls across your 3G network. However, you must remember that this app is only for Jailbreak iPhones. Of course there are risks involved with jailbreaking your device, but if the offer includes making voice calls and getting access to the countless many apps which are not available on the App Store, the reason is appealing enough to give it a shot.

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