tabuplogo thumb Tabbed Up your Life with TabUp If you are frustrated about your overwhelmed daily tasks and your mind is cluttered with the daily activities than you should try TabUp. Tabup allows you to organize and prioritize your routine activities. The site lets users control their busy life by fringing them with a social collaboration space where they can keep tabs on groups, people and activities.

People can use TabUp to avoid procrastination and stratify work burden. Users can ‘add a tab’ (create a new group) by selecting specific category, topic and description. Once created, you can customize your tab accordingly. You can add tablets to spice up your tab that allows you to add different applications from News and Entertainment such as YouTube to tools (RSS Reader, Weather). Addition of an online feed search makes tablets complete and productive.

tabupcycle thumb Tabbed Up your Life with TabUp Tabup allows users to manage and customize background of their tab and above all provides a definitive social platform where you can interact with your peers and friends by Inviting them. The more users you will invite the more effective and interesting your tab will be.

Individual tabs are dedicated to specific category. For instance, if you have made a gardening tab, than it will show you all related bookmarks, sites, updates, news and much more about gardening only.

The main tab brings your all tabs together and gives you a brief summary about your each and every tab. The Calendar tab pulls out the updates from all individual tabs so that you can easily share and view activities/meetings of other tabs’ members while you can glimpse the new info/addition in any Tab through the Tab Events.

Therefore, you can also describe Tabup as a customize repository of your activities that can be used to collaborate and share with friends. You can also tab up your private life by keeping tab in a private mode.

Tabup seems promising. Its a good idea of integrating different apps and tablets to make life easier. Though the site looks quiet messy, when viewed for the first time but they can make Welcome and Getting Started tab as a default page, to help new users.

Otherwise it is a good startup that will certainly help people who are thwarted because of disorganized life and wants to remake by prioritizing their tasks with others collaboration.


tabuppage1 thumb Tabbed Up your Life with TabUp