image thumb7 T Mobile G2 Gets A Quick Root For Android Froyo, Do These Developers Ever Stop Rooting, Hacking, etc?

I have just made a switch to Android to brand myself as a person with a smartphone and I am hooked. The extent is not just confined to using those addictive apps or games but almost instantly had me trying to figure out ways to root, hack and do all sorts of coding possible. Honestly, I know I am not really into all that but folks at XDA are all into this. The T-mobile G-2 has just been out and almost instantly the developer community has had it rooted.

The T-Mobile G2 by HTC comes with the stock version of the Android 2.2, which means there is not a lot you can. At least those developers think there needs to be some toying around with the code and get the device rooted. The method that has been used is temporary and the root access disappears right upon a reboot. It is therefore advisable that once you do make an effort just try not to restart the device or you will be repeating the whole procedure again.

The gist is that it is possible to root the device and the issue with this root method being temporary will soon be resolved. I have full confidence in the developers out there will soon be coming out with a permanent method.

You can follow the method at the forum here.

via Phandroid

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