image thumb16 Super Scam: Become A Whole Food Fan And Get $500 Gift Card

Welcome another scam on the social network and this time it’s all about food. Whole Foods to be exact. That is happening right under the nose of Whole Foods that has its official fan page already and warns users to be aware of this out break. Apparently someone must have come up with an idea to have mouth watering people get clicky with the links in a bid to grab the ever alluring $500 gift cards.

The fake group that has sprung on the social network asks users to join the fan page and avail a chance to bag a $500 gift card. I bet many would have fallen prey to it already and God help them what malicious stuff they have been exposed to, or maybe someone has made to satisfy his or her lust for a bulk of followers. I admire the original Whole Foods pages getting active on this one and warning users to not join or fall to such scams. That in my opinion is quite a smart move to say the least.

Other than this if you happen to be a concerned Facebook user or anyone who wants to stay up to date on the latest security threats on Facebook, do visit the Security Page for all information. And for safety, whenever you get invitation to join any network or page, just do a search on it and inquire if it is authentic in any manner.