yourefired thumb Sun Microsystems: You’re ‘FIRED’; Cuts 1000 jobs in U.S. & Canada

The Sun Microsystems with its downsizing plan, have informed 212 of its employees in Broomfield and Louisville campuses that they will have to leave their jobs. This was announced by the company and state officials. According to the company they have notified 1000 employees throughout U.S. & Canada that they will cut down their jobs.

Overall 13 people are expected to lose their jobs between July 21 and August 4, among which 8 are expected to be from Bloomfield and 5 from Louisville. 199 more employees are expected to leave between September 8 and 22 out of which 131 will be from Broomfield and the rest of 68 will be from Louisville. This is in accordance with the paperwork filed by Sun with the state of Colorado which is in line with the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

sunmicrosystemslogo thumb Sun Microsystems: You’re ‘FIRED’; Cuts 1000 jobs in U.S. & Canada According to the WARN Act, it is obligatory for companies to notify respective states of their major dismissals. Currently the company contains 2,593 people as employees in Louisville and Broomfield. These announcements came as a result of loss in the 3rd quarter reported by the company a couple of months ago. Since then, the company officials have unveiled their plans to cut short 1,500 to 2,500 jobs. According to the company’s spokeswoman, Dana Lengkeek, the deductions are in accordance with the company’s effort to re-organize their resources.

The number of job cuts in the Broomfield and Louisville account for more than 8% of the local personnel. The overall job cut symbolises 3.4% of the overall 34,400 employees of the company. According to Dana, some more job cuts are also expected but she didn’t disclose the exact figure.

According to the company’s official letter to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment:

Sun has announced the need to reduce overall spending in its fiscal year 2009, including a reduction in headcount.

Sun has identified and continues to identify which employees will be impacted.

Furthermore the company officials noted that:

Preliminary information that additional employees will be terminated sometime between December 23 and Jan. 5, 2009.

According to the letter, most of the job terminations are supposed to happen on October 8th. In terms of dismissals, company’s Santa Clara and Menlo Park, California, were the only campuses that were affected more than Broomfield in terms of layoffs. The number of job cuts in those campuses are 213 & 192 respectively.

Back in September 2007, when Colorado and other states got a WARN Act notice from Sun, Broomfield was the third most affected campus in terms of job cuts. A total of 129 jobs were cut at Broomfield and Louisville. That restructuring affected around 1,500 employees throughout Asia, Canada, Europe & U.S.