jeffweiner2 thumb Strike 2! Weiner to leave Yahoo Seems like Zeus is hitting Yahoo one bolt after another; first it was the battle for control with Car Icahn and with that still haunting Yahoo, Jeff Weiner, Executive Vice President of the network division resigns to divide his time between Venture capital firms, Accel and Greylock.

The pending move had been circulating at various places over the web (BoomTown) and now the news makes it way with Weiner’s resignation. He had joined Yahoo under former Chief Executive Terry Semel and the two had worked together at Warner Bros. and co-founded Windsor Digital (an investment firm that focused on digital media).

A man who is though of to be the heart and soul of the company and ran the search and marketplace businesses plus taking charge of major products like Yahoo Mail, Messenger etc. It seems things aren’t going the way Yahoo had thought them to be heading and this decision might just widen the cracks in Yahoo divide.

The decision hasn’t come out of the blue and reports suggest that there ha been a lot of thinking done on Weiner’s behalf during his paternity leave and he must have thought about his role as an entrepreneur-in-residence in the firms, Accel and Greylock; with strong ties to former Yahoos, Andrew Braccia at Accel and James Slavet at Greylock.

There have been no comments from Yahoo spokesperson, but whatever the case me a bit of snipping at the organizational structure might be of use to Yahoo but decision as such specially in a precarious situation Yahoo is in, sounds alarmingly dangerous.