image thumb223 Strateer Launches Financial Alert Service for Everyone

Strateer, a financial services startup, has launched a new service called Alerts4all, which allows individuals to set up alerts about stock prices and get notified when a stock hit that price so that they could make their mind to buy or sell the stock.

Commenting on the launch Fabian Siegel, CEO of Strateer said:

Today, investment banks and hedge funds benefit from advanced algorithmic trading technologies, whereas individual investors are left out. We intend to change this. With Alerts4all we are democratizing these technologies and are bringing them to individual investors. There is no reason why individual investors should not benefit from these powerful investment tools. Alerts4all is the first service in a series of other services that we will launch in the future. Technical stock analysis and trading to date is very complicated. Our mission is to make it truly easy. Our mission is to bring Wall Street tools to Main Street.