image thumb stHrt: Start Homepage for your favorite pages on the web

If you are tired of using the traditional start pages of iGoogle, Yahoo homepage, etc and feel like having the same thing with a new name, try stHrt [pron. start [stahrt]. The site lets you put up all your frequently pages on a single one, providing you a one stop access to them all. Works pretty much like the countless we have already but as I always point out there are too many people on the web who won’t mind getting their hands on another. stHrt is another one in the race with tough challenge to gain a place in the market and it’s going to take time. The interface is pretty simple and  it lets users have multiple homepages for work and home, plus it lets you make the page more interactive with widgets. What I personally liked using it was the feature of layered browsing, made it easier to check out my favorite pages without leaving my homepage.