steve jobs Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO–The Irreplaceable Man Calls It A Day

No matter how much i have spoken against Apple, Jobs – it had only been for the great admiration that couldn’t have been justified by simply saying he Revolutionized the Computing Era – My Hate has justified that admiration, bit by bit and this admiration was very real, perhaps more than many of those who go shouting about being his die hard fans.

I will miss Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple.

Those are the first thoughts I had when I read about Steve Jobs resigning as the Apple CEO. All of a sudden I realized I will no one to direct my hate at, put a name to the target of this loath. I know Apple is not all about Steve Jobs, it is Steve Jobs, in my opinion and will remain so as long as anyone who takes over as the CEO of Apple has the Steve Jobs mindset, which I am sure is present amongst all the Apple employees, I mean that’s exactly why they are still Apple employees, right?

Apple’s COO and a long time ally of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook will be taking charge as the new CEO of Apple. He, by every mean deserves the position after Jobs himself, but Jobs was Jobs.

I would like you all to watch this interview at All ThingsD of Steve Jobs back in 2010 and hear the man talk about the journey of Apple. From being out of the company he created, to getting back, seeing the days when Apple was a mere 90 days short of bankruptcy, to the present Market leader. Market Leader? That’s an understatement, he has made Apple the Dream shaper, had it not been for him, we would have stilled held on to those clunky handheld devices. Style would have been an alien name to technology, innovation would have all been about the most powerful chips embedded in the most brick like structures, I hate Steve Jobs, this hate is actually my undying appreciation for the man. Bill Gates got the computer to every desk, Jobs, made sure who ever gets one must have style to it. That’s just my opinion, but why would you pay thrice the amount for a Mac when you get a powerful PC fairly cheaper? That was the Steve Jobs effect.

He had to resign someday, but it seems that the thespian was God send to stay till the end of times as the CEO of Apple. He is alive, not dead and we pray he has a long healthy life, but he isn’t the CEO of Apple, and it seems the juice has gone out. I am in no mood denying or overlooking the geniuses of others at Apple, but to be honest, the visionary was Jobs, had it not been for him, this company wouldn’t have been what it is. Doubt it? Why was he called to take the seat of CEO after the board had thrown him out decades back? Getting my point?

There will be keynotes, there will be highly innovative devices, the iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad, iMac, etc, but Jobs doing it had its own way, which I bet everyone will miss.

We wish Steve Jobs a healthy life and hey, he is still seated as the board of directors of Apple!