123592314 Steve Jobs Biography Already Selling At Heathrow Airport In London Before Official Release October 24

Steve Jobs was great, so great that his death left a massive impact on every one around. To us Steve Jobs was more of a Mindset than just a man. Everyone who knew about the man, anyone who had ever used an Apple product. From the lovers of Macs to the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad, he gave everyone a reason to love their device and many more to own what he calls the rip off of Apple products (though I totally disagree with the last one). Steve Jobs book, the biography was certainly one of those that everyone anxiously waited for and with his death, the demand has grown by leaps and bounds. The book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is set to be on shelves on Monday, October 24.

That’s the official date, but apparently one of the stores in London has the book already available on sale. If you are in London, you can go to the Heathrow Airport of WH Smith and grab your copy about the genius Steve Jobs.

The book on Steve Jobs has more than 40 interviews over the two year period conducted with Steve Jobs. Along with those are the numerous interviews with those in Steve Jobs’ family, friends, colleagues as well as competitors. It is in this book that we have learn about Steve Jobs’ disgust and anger with the Android platform, how he wanted to spend every single penny of his fortune to eliminate the Android OS, which he thinks to be a gross replica of the iPhone and the iOS .

For those of you interested in having the copy of Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson you can always pre-order it at Amazon. This will soon be followed with the Kindle version as well. The official price is set to be $17.88, fairly cheap to have you learn about what Steve Jobs was beyond the Keynotes.

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