image thumb3 Startup: Shphoonkle Is Your Free Legal Marketplace

Shpoonkle is an international legal reverse auction free site and is quickly becoming a global leader in centralizing a free legal marketplace. Our company offers a wide range of services designed to empower people through Shpoonkle – aiming at aiding attorneys and clients, any time, any place, and on any device. Shpoonkle is not a referral service. The services on the site are currently free to both Attorneys and Clients.

In their own words:

  • has developed a free website to provide legal advocacy in the Legal Services Marketplace.
  • The success of this startup has been amazing and in 8 months the site has over 5000 international registered members. We average well over 10,000 daily site visitors. Most recently they were listed on  as the 10 Web Tools for Entrepreneurs. We were also MSNBC Website of the Week.
  • The free services have been featured on over 1000 international and domestic and reputable media outlets.
  • is the brain child of 22 year CEO Robert Niznik, who founded the start up last year and is finishing law school in December 2011. With unemployment at an all-time high for all professionals, Robert Niznik wanted to create a service that would create jobs for legal professionals and also facilitate affordable legal services.
  • Shpoonkle has one of the largest libraries of free case briefs on the internet available for students.  We also offer students varying ways to earn money while in school.
  • Shpoonkle created a centralized reverse auction extension for job search and hiring solutions

image thumb4 Startup: Shphoonkle Is Your Free Legal Marketplace

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