image thumb108 Spotify Gets An Update, Gets Hooked To Social Evil Of Facebook And Still For Europe Only

While Spotify continues to keep itself locked in Europe it isn’t keeping itself away from making improvements. The latest release of the desktop client for the cloud based music service. This would enable users to better manage their music online and more importantly integrate better social sharing features.

The more mentionable feature is Library, this would enable a much improved import features to help you integrate your music with Spotify. Other features include:

  • Transfer Music Wirelessly
  • Star/Favorite tracks in Spotify
  • Much more efficient and improved management with introduction of subfolders for starred items.

The winning part, given the present trends of the Web is the integration of Facebook. Connect your Spotify to your social networking profile and need I say more what happens next? You are instantly connected to your account, provided they have the same feature enabled. Your music would be available on your Facebook feeds and share music with friends more conveniently with the new improvements.

With Facebook integration, I am just wondering how long will Spotify roam in the cages of Europe? I think it is time it breaks free and heads out for the globe.

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