sportsfanlivepage thumb SportsFanLive  Facebook for all Exhilarated Sports Fans Hundreds of websites are dedicated to Sports News and Events. Online Sports channel such as Fox Sports, ESPN, Yahoo Sports provides same general sports news as who is in and what’s going on. Ever thought of visiting a site that would be running on the public poll and will bring some crispy and crunchy sports news on the basis of votes collected from you and your friends than SportsFanLive is the right site for you.

As the name depicts, the site is dedicated to all the sports fans and keep itself alive with their reviews and votes. Thus instead of focusing on the most heating up news of the moment, it concentrate on the public views and aggregate them to serve up to the mark. Users can easily re-define the News spots and headings by telling about their likes and dislikes about team, player or  game.

The site comprises of a user friendly Interface that is full of widgets like polling options, finders and feeds. As defined by Techcrunch, the SportsFanLive is actually a Netvibes for sports with a prominent colour change .

SportsFanLive’s homepage has got almost everything that is interesting enough  to catch anyone’s attention. You can get feed of latest sports story headlines along with the feeds from the teams that you are following and catch your buddies choices through a FanFeed.  Integrated of a lot of fun loving activities in the form of Poll, Fan of the day and take of the day makes it all more fascinating and unique. The FanFinder allows you to hunt for a local sports bar where you can watch tonight’s game in the real time. In order to maintain the excitement and fun level, the site also allows you to make virtual bets with the help of BuxBets.

Being designed by David Katz, a former Yahoo Sports Executive, the site is a real fun and offers something better than other usual sports websites. Kate has revamped the sports site by focusing Sports fans’ mind.

What do sports fans want to do? Consume content about their favorite teams and players, connect with like-minded (or non-like-minded) fans, and compete.

Overall, the site in its beta phase is an exemplary sports site that can be a big hit . However, the site can add much more content to be a real social sports network. They can add videos and images to make it more interesting and appealing. SportsFanLive can also attract user base of some well known social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter by their app integration. Sports Alerts can be sent to iPhone and Mobile users to make it all more versatile. It can also boost its fidelity by allowing users to embed its widget into their blogs and sites.

sportsfanlivepage1 thumb SportsFanLive  Facebook for all Exhilarated Sports Fans