image thumb18 Speed Test: iPhone 3G Running On iOS 4 And iOS 4.1

Performance is a top priority for any device and Apple has proven it beats many when it comes to the smartphone arena with its iPhone. I hate to say it being an Android fan but that’s the truth in many cases. Both the hardware and the software play an equally important role when it comes to the overall performance of the device. Apple released the iOS 4.1 with promises from Steve Jobs that the latest version would resolve many issues, primarily for the iPhone 3G users running on the iOS4.

Putting the software part to test, Lifehacker [thanks] shared a video on performance of the the iPhone 3G on the iOS 4 and the iOS 4.1 comparison. The video doesn’t really show a massive difference in performance but it some cases the difference is significant, especially when loading the maps. On others, like Photos, browsing on Safari, the speed difference is marginal and not really that great to make you drool over update. The winning feature with the iOS 4.1 is definitely going to be the fixes for other issues that many iPhone 3G users have complained about.

Anyways let’s get to what we really wanted to share here. The Speed Test video of the iPhone 3G running the iOS 4 and the iOS 4.1:

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