image thumb143 Sorry Steve, Unlike iPhone 4, Samsung Omnia 2 Doesn’t Have Antennagate Issue

I bet everyone has seen politicians playing the blame-game in every state instead of correcting their wrongs. And I bet this is common in other sectors too. Well only recently the great Steve jobs demonstrated that by going cheap and finding the antenna issues on other smartphones, rather trying to accept and promising to correct the issue on the iPhone 4.

I am talking about the Antennagate and how Jobs ridiculed, me at least by bringing devices like the Blackberry, HTC, Motorola and the Samsung Omnia as well. Why Jobs? There must be something really wrong with your device’s design that even Papermaster was ousted. Well, that’s past, but mobile phone manufacturers didn’t really like that and retaliated with proofs that the issue was a major one with the iPhone and not others, Nokia and RIM have done so already with Samsung being the latest to deny any issues with Antenna on the Omnia.

What the hell Steve Jobs? Why would a man like you try and put such an act? It’s absolutely amateur and unprofessional and I bet he is already paying for it. But Jobs has his stubbornness, which has helped him stay at the top and attain the Mr. Perfect reputation, but it’s really a huge slap on the face this time around.

I am just astonished why Samsung said all this so politely? Perhaps it fears losing business from Apple, given Samsung provides almost 70% of all hardware [memory chips, etc]. What could the other reasons be? Let us know your answers in the comments.