sony tv thumb Sony sales in bad shape – next category to see decline: TVs

We’ve been reporting a steady decline in the sales of Sony’s PS3 and now reports are coming in that their TV line is next up. Sony’s president, Ryoji Chubachi was reported as saying that the company will miss LCD TV sales targets this year. The 12 month’s target (which will be ending in March) is “tough to reach”, states Chubachi. The recent economy turmoil has seen even the big rollers bend, and it’d be tough to strike out Sony.

Surveys have seen consumers holding back from spending, resulting in decline of business as usual. Though another reason behind Sony’s inability to catch up with changing trends is its failure to bring down prices. In the past few years, quite a few competitors have popped up and squeezed the market with offering better prices (though most on the cost of lower quality).