image thumb26 Sony PlayStation Network Reportedly Under Attack The Third Time, But All’s Safe!Call it a nightmare for the Sony PlayStation Network or a curse that it is desperately trying to rid itself of, but there has been a third attempt on the Sony PlayStation Network which has failed. Good news for Sony, as it can’t afford losing out on this and appear the least secure. thus losing credibility.The news has been widely circulating over the past few days and it has brought Sony in a very compromising position. Things have been ugly so far, the extent has been severe enough for Sony has to take the network offline and it is still waiting to come online. The delay in the rebuilding is primarily for the fact that Sony is trying to scale the extent of the damage and figure out loopholes that had caused the breach and might be the reason for future attacks as well. So at present, PSN, Qriocity and Sony Online are all shut down, after the personal information of over 100 million users had been exposed by hackers.

The outage will be compensated to all users with Sony giving them 30 Days of free ID theft monitoring along with a 30 day free access to the PSN’s premium version.

This might be big for Sony to compensate its users but it reveals how vulnerable our information is online. All it takes is a few hackers to find a breach in your system and out goes all the data and information you have shared there. The worst part is that as a user you can’t do much about it. Firewalls, intense security, do whatever that is needful, I believe there is a crack for every ploy you have in terms of security.

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