twitter thumb Some questions for twitter Twitter has just announced the imposition of limits on the number of people that you can follow. The new restrictions limit you to follow not more than 2000 people at any given time. The rationale for this is to limit follow spam. However, there is much that needs to be answered, so here I go:

  • Is this really because of the spammers that get to follow thousands of people in the blink of an eye, or is it to show the door to the power users like Scoble ? The spammers problem is really your own failing and is a result of buggy API code. Why would you decide to impose a limit instead of patching your API code ?
  • What % of the over all twitter accounts are spam accounts ? How many spam messages does the system gets to relay each day ? What % of the total messages are these spam messages ? In case these numbers are dismal as compared to the real genuine accounts, followers and messages, why have you decide to penalize the entire community for the wrong doing of a few ?
  • What do you think, how severe is follow spam as compared to email spam ? Would you suggest the email market a similar strategy to fight email spam ?

Something tells me that this is not a spam fighting tactic, rather a move to some how scale the un-scalable fail whale.

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