image thumb2 Social Gaming Bloomed In 2009 On Facebook: What Exactly Do You Like About All Those Games?

Everything goes up and goes down and while certain names might be invincible they too are bound to see the rise and fall. Coming over to the social gaming across the social networks, the year that was had been. 2009 was the that proved to be very beneficial for all social game developers, primarily those making games for Facebook.

The year ending in no manner meant that these developers are going to quit making more of these. Why would they? We have developers getting loads of users all the way to massive rounds of funding. There is too much demand to meet and users on social networks want an even larger variety to kill time with. The latest report talks  about 25 top apps for December, 2009; Zynga rules supreme with its Farmville on top with a gargantuan 73,852,787 users followed by a very distant Birthday Cards app which has less than half that number (32,330,476 users) and Cafe World close at third with 31,129,783 users.

What do these stats mean?

The stats are pretty interesting as they provide you an outlook on what exactly appeals most to the users on Facebook. Plus it gives  you the insight on what exactly to create or spend time on if you are an aspiring app developer looking forward to make it big. While that might be too late for you to make it to the top any time soon, the potential does exist.

Other than that the stats show that many apps show a decrease in use in the month of December. The only significant rise in the apps was seen by Farmville and Birthday Cards but other than that as many as ten apps actually saw a decrease in user base. We talked about why this could happen, the major reason being that the users moved over to Holiday centric apps [Christmas] which saw a surge in users and then died down and disappeared. Which can be one reason why many apps actually saw users giving way to Christmas centric apps.

So how exactly did developers perform in December?

Inside Social Games actually put out the list and it was quite astonishing that Zynga had as many as 8 games in the top 15 apps. But an interesting addition was RockYou’s Zoo World that saw quite a significant boost. It was quite interesting to not that these developers are promoting associated apps within each other. Which is one reason why Zoo World has surfaced with a burst in its users.

image thumb3 Social Gaming Bloomed In 2009 On Facebook: What Exactly Do You Like About All Those Games?

Zynga reigns supreme primarily because of Farmville, which continues to attract more users [and irritating me ever more]. And with more apps coming in on the same tone, users find it fascinating to spend more time. RockYou on the other hand has taken a charge as its user base almost doubled in December thanks to the success of both Birthday Cards and Zoo World.

The only big name taking quite a dip was Playfish that continues to take a hit. But that’s how it is, apparently Playfish’s acquisition by EA might just help it make a comeback and climb the ladder. Let’s see how each fares in the coming months on 2010.

Before I wrap this one, I just fail to understand what exactly is do addictive about these apps? Almost all of them are similar in concept and yet each has more or less the same number of users. I would really love all the social app fans to answer this question and turn my hate for these apps into an addiction as dedicated as theirs.