image thumb24 So Much For Dull Farmville  German Game Makers Bring Witcher To Facebook

I guess someone wise wizard, really wise wizard thought that there weren’t enough addictive games on Facebook already. Reports state that Witcher, the popular RPG is coming to the social network. This, stating the obvious would give users one more reason to be addicted and lose money, lose jobs or worse get Facebook blocked at work.

The German gaming firm; Gamigo thought that if people could waste their life playing Farmville, giving them a hard core game that has some action wont be a bad move. The best part, it’s going to be in English, meaning it wont have any barrier targeting the masses. I am not a big fan of social or online games but a bit of a try of Witcher appealed to me, maybe because I had grown up playing Age of Empires and Red Alert, but playing the same on Facebook, I am not sure how impressive it turns out to be.

Facebook is not the only platform Gamigo is eying upon. The game manufacturers also look forward to bringing the same to the iPhone in the near future. If that does happen, the idea of playing the same on iPad sounds ever absorbing, given its bigger dimensions and an equally impressive bit of hardware.

[Thanks Escapist Magazine]