smugmuglogo thumb SmugMug launches SmugVault for online storage Founder of SmugMug, Don MacAskill has announced a new service being started named, SmugVault; a place where you can store anything. This storage is held on the Amazon’s S3 service.

This new service can boost the SmugMug further for it lets you upload a file in any format and provides you a web based interface to browse through the files that have been stored in SmugVault.

The differentiating factor in SmugMug and SmugVault is that SmugMug let users upload images in any format but the need for many photographers to keep their raw, uncompressed files safe as well has always been a problem and this is where the need to have SmugVault was felt. With all your work going over to storage online, you don’t have to worry about your data portability anymore, just snap, save and upload to access it from any part of the world.

The charges are planned at 22 cents for every gigabyte of data uploaded added to a recurring monthly fee of $1. The charges over every gigabyte you upload may vary. Zoomr co-founder Thomas Hawke mentioned his point of view saying:

I don’t think storage in the cloud is yet economical for heavy photographers with a mere 500GB of images, for they still have to pay $110 a month. The better idea would be to backup up your images on your local hard drives for safety and avoid such a high cost.

The commentary seems to bee a bit pushback type as there are issues of your work being stolen or plagiarized, on a personal note I would keep my original stuff with myself and as for other less important but favorite documents and images I would rather find a free service only for the sake of keeping them accessible from anywhere.

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