image88 SlapaStory: Write, publish and share storiesAll of us have a writer in us be it a totally random one that knows of no rules or a more seasoned one. The only thing that is then required is the need for a platform where one can share their piece with others, nibble in on feedback and slash someone else’s piece with criticism. Well there are plenty of places to do so and SlapaStory is one of them.

Writers can submit stories for various categories, from romance and horror to humour only to name a few.

The homepage also features a link to the most popular stories that features stories voted the most. The site sticks to the purpose it has been made for and writers can submit their work as anonymous just to have an honest opinion from friends, incase they always try and say good about you only to prevent a heartbreak. The Anonymity can also be used by those who are shy and don’t really like their names, in case they get a negative feedback (trust me there are certain folks!).

The site offers integration with major social networks including Facebook, Digg etc and has recently come out with an update by enabling writers to add their picture and short introduction. I recommend this site to those who have a passion to write and collaborate with other writers.