SixApart Partners With SonyBMG to Launch A&R Social Network
This is yet another interesting and innovative use of a Social Network. Paid Content is reporting that Six Apart and SonyBMG have partnered to launch a new service for A&R. So you don’t need to send your record labels to SonyBMG, the world’s second largest record company.

Sony from Monday will be directing budding acts to or which will be serving as landing pages for Six Apart’s Vox multimedia blogging service. So if you are an artist just get a multimedia blog on Vox and make your records available on it, instead of sending dozens of demo tapes here and there.

Why this radical change by an industry that takes ages to accept change ? Ged Doherty, the CEO of SonyBMG has accepted the ultimate demise of CD sales and have said

Digital sales are not going to make up the decline in physical CD revenue. By 2010, income from CDs will be down 50 percent. The old world is gone forever; we need to enter into a new relationship with our artists, where they see us as partners rather than the enemy.

This is again no news, people are already reporting this phenomena for sometime now. I dont know what implications it will have for SonyBMG but this is certainly a big win for SixApart.

 SixApart Partners With SonyBMG to Launch A&R Social Network