image thumb12 Sitemeter gets down, takes thousands of sites with it Mashable and Inquisitr are reporting and we are experiencing it first hand that the popular site analytics service sitemeter is having serious problems. Apparently the bug is affecting just the IE users of the sites and or blogs that are using sitemeter. The firefox users are unaffected as of this moment. The bug or error stops the sites and pages to load in IE 6 and above due to the fact that the sitemeter embed script fails to load.

When the page is loaded an error message stating that “Internet Explorer can not open the site” and aborts the operation. When you click on the OK button it displays the standard IE page stating that the site could not be opened due to non availability of internet connection. Sitemeter has not fixed the issue till now, neither have they issued any warning or public statement about the causes of it on their blog. Sitemeter is used by a lot of blogs, including all the blogs of Gawker Media, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb right down to the small folks.

Sitemeter itself is not opening up in IE, and can only be accessed via firefox. The issue is serious and have hit a lot of sites across the Internet.

image thumb13 Sitemeter gets down, takes thousands of sites with it