image thumb22 Simple Guide On How To Jailbreak Your iPad On iOS 3.2.2 With Limera1n Tool

It has been a day since the release of the Limera1n Jailbreak Tool from Geohot and its already making news. From whatever stats I have on my blog, it appears people have been searching for this tool like crazy. Upon the release we shared a short Step by Step Guide on How To Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 And 3GS With Limera1n and today we thought of sharing similar steps for jailbreaking your iPad on iOS 3.2.2 using Limera1n.

The steps are no different for the iPad and I bet anyone who has previously tried to jailbreak their iPhone or the iPad will be easily able to do so. So lets not waste time and begin the step by step guide to have your iPad jailbroken.

1. Download Limera1n for Windows here.

2. Link your iPad using the USB with your PC and hit Make it ra1n when a prompter appears.

3. As the device enters the Recovery mode, hold the Home + Power button and then release the Power button. This would then initiate the DFU mode.

4. With the above procedures performed you will now see the Limera1n logo on the iPad screen. It is here that Limera1n will take charge and pwn your iPad with the exploit for good.

5. You can then start the Limer1n app and run Cydia. Upon the completion of the Cydia installation restart your iPad and praise Geohot for this jailbreak!

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Thanks RP