image thumb273 Silicon Valley rings loud with Ballmer: ‘Microsoft will invest in SearchSteve Ballmer was quite enthusiastic on his visit to the Silicon Valley and made sure he emphasised a lot more upon opening up Microsoft’s frontiers in the online Search sector. When Microsoft is talking about search its eyes are fixed at the huge number of advertisements that make their way via search.

It was pretty optimistic of him to call Google’s distant rival in the search market and the only tough competition in terms of providing advertising software. Those were just a couple of things out of the very he had mentioned on his visit.

Apparently Microsoft’s strategy about acquiring companies makes one think if Microsoft is done with research on its own and prefers buying out ideas that appear worthy. Well with Microsoft acquiring around 20 companies a year it appears quite obvious, but the it has an overall budget of $9 billion that it has dedicated for research and development. Meaning that internal research is still seriously pursued in the Microsoft Backyard.

The focus of the meeting lay upon the present development and he was quite firm at stating that Microsoft with its Windows Mobile has a much broader spectrum wen it comes to reaching a variety of handset and the iPhone has a big drawback at this.

Apparently Microsoft’s only major issue is that its concentrating all its efforts at literally everything there is instead of directing it upon one task at a time. And Ballmer said that the right thing that the company’s focus lay in devising strategies that prove fruitful in the longer run and investment a always is the basic need.