sightix thumb Sightix offers Social Search

sightixl thumb Sightix offers Social Search Today, users are interested in searching for the social entities that created the best means of engaging them. But the problem is with social networking sites, how can they able to provide the ability to return relevant search results for their users? Google, The Search Giant is no doubt great for searching the pages but still unable to search inside a social network.

Sightix is the next step in the evolution of search. It provides the appropriate and focused results based on the user’s social circle that includes his friends and relationships. Sightix basically searches the content of everyone you are connected with, and rank results gleaned from each user based on the strength of their connection to you.

“This is both a huge asset as well as a management challenge. For startups the fact that people are given the creative freedom and flexibility in the process means they aren’t just working for the job, they are working to prove their inputs and opinions as being right…? Said, Ari Gottesmann, Sightix’s VP of Business Development.

 With Sightix Social Search, you would be able to empower your search capabilities with a unique ranking based on social relevancy and an interactive social map to better understand interpersonal relationships and best street of approach. Current search engines do not consider an identity of the user and that’s why everybody gets the same results.

According to the Gottesmann, Google’s search algorithm is flawed while Slightix’s algorithm takes an identity of user, his friends and connections when providing him with search results. For example, if you’re searching for a nightclub, the clubs your friends talk about will get a higher relevance than your friends of friends. It’s much more likely that this ranking will yield results that work for you than searching a general engine that doesn’t give an extra weight to your friends’ recommendations.

Currently, the company is focusing on smaller networks because of its less development process time. It’s doubtful that this technology will work when users are looking for something completely unknown to their networks, but I bet they would be amazed to find how much they can infer from their extended social circle with a tool like Sightix.

Shin1 deal is a good one to get it first and Gottesmann is interested on getting this service embedded in the large upcoming social networks.