image thumb59 Show Us The iPhone 5 And The iPad 3! Demands Samsung, Meh!

I think Samsung has lost it. Totally. The Korean mobile manufacturer has taken the Apple-Samsung lawsuit a step further by demanding Apple to show its next generation of the iPhone and the iPad to its lawyers. Is it forgetting that Apple keeps a very tight hold on any information getting out on the upcoming devices?

I am sure nothing is going to be shown by Apple for it thrives on suspense. But I think if apple has demanded Samsung to show its upcoming tablets and the smartphones; the Galax S2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. But what can turn against them is the fact that Apple’s demand was about the already released devices by Samsung whilst Samsung has asked Apple to reveal its yet to be announced devices. Face palm Samsung, you will have to break into Apple’s head quarters to get a hold of those.

Even if Apple does allow that, by any chance, only the lawyers will be able to see the devices. Not Samsung and just in case all this happens, and information on Apple’s iPhone 5 or the iPad 3 leak, Samsung should be ready to face another lawsuit, a big one as a matter of fact.

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