image thumb50 Should StartupMeme Review Startups Again?

Based on popular demand and loads of email that I continue to get, it has been decided that Startup Meme will now try to bring to limelight a couple of startups each week. As you all know we did the same through out earlier, which is one reason why many startup founders email for review. This would be put to practice from the first week of April and each startup that is being covered would be done randomly, based on emails and what startup is found interesting.

As for now, anyone of you who plans to submit a startup, please do the following:

  • Email the Startup at mohkim[dot]khan[at]startupmeme[dot]com.
  • The email should have a brief about your Startup, along with logo, needful images [in JPEG format].
  • Include the names of the team members along with their designations / role in the startup.

To wrap it up, you might mail for a review request right away and it might take quite some time before your request is acted upon. We will try our best to write to do a write up at the earliest. What I would like to request you now is simply give your feedback and let us know that if Startup Meme should review startups again? Thanks!