image thumb25 Shattered Your iPhone 4 Glass? Don’t Worry! The iPhone 4 Glass Is 82% More Likely To Shatter Compared To iPhone 3GS

Much as I am beginning to love writing about the tips and how to’s on Apple about Jailbreak with various tools I equally enjoy Steve Job’s brainchild caught up in controversy. We talked extensively about the Antennagate and how low Jobs stooped dealing with the issue. The genius of the decade wasn’t really out of the Antennagate when bam comes another. This time it’s about the shattering glass of the iPhone 4.

Reports state that the glass of the iPhone 4 is 82 percent more likely to shatter in comparison to the iPhone 3GS. The report comes from Square Trade, an independent warranty provider. According to the report;

  • The accident rate for iPhone 4 is 68 percent higher that the iPhone 3GS.
  • Over 15 percent of the iPhone 4 owners will have an accident within the first 12 months of purchase.
  • As many as 82 percent of them will have a shattered glass.

Reading all that I can fairly easily conclude that the iPhone 4 has all sorts of issues with its design. Keeping this in mind, it should also alarm iPhone 4 users that the back also has come glass composition meaning you have the surface to take care for as well.

I am more than ready to expect a lamer excuse from Steve Jobs, if he does give one over this. We all know dropping or crushing gadgets breaks them, but there is something you call durability.

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via Mashable