makenmovieslogo Share your movie ideas with movie makers at Make’n MoviesIf you have a dream of making it to the Hollywood and have a great idea regarding a movie then Make’n Movies is a right place for you. You just have to share your idea with the public and if people like it, it  will get popularity and movie makers will notice it.

All you need to do is to write your idea in 300 to 500 words and post it to the database of Make’n Movies. The process is easy but until any story gets to the real world of movie, it is hard to say about the success of the startup. The startup which is recently launched, is founded by Ash Conway. He told Startup Meme that Make’n Movies is the first service in the world that offers people with ideas for movies the chance to share them with the public, determine their popularity and get movie makers and Hollywood studios to take notice.

Other than ideas, you can also sell movie script ideas to Hollywood studios. The best part of the service is that the startup itself will negotiate the deal for its users. All the ideas regarding movies are submitted to the database of Make’s Movies under the Creative Common License.

The service provided by the startup seems good but the only thing to see is the practical implementation of the whole idea. If the idea succeeds, it will open up opportunities for a number of people who can’t have enough resources to raise their voice.

Following is the press release of the launch:

Finally A Chance To Be Discovered With Make’n Movies

Want the chance to get your movie ideas out there for the world to see – and for movie makers to pick them up? Then Make’n Movies is the site for you! If you have ever had an idea of the type of movie you’d like to see in Hollywood but didn’t know how to get the word out, you can now do so with this exciting new website. You don’t have to live in Hollywood anymore for your chance to make it big in the movies.

“The internet has changed the way we market everything, including ideas,” said Ashley Conway, founder of Make’n Movies. “We want to give anyone with ideas for movie scripts a chance to express them on our website. Not just for the public to have their say on the next potential Hollywood movie, but also give movie makers and Hollywood studios the chance to discover new talent.”

Anyone can join this site for free and submit as many movies ideas as they choose. Members can review movie script ideas already posted on the site and rate them in accordance to what they like.

“We want to give people the chance to review the movie ideas that they like so writers can get feedback and movie makers can see which movie script ideas are popular. There must be literally thousands of movie ideas out there just waiting to be discovered,” said Conway.”

When people sign up for free with Make’n Movies, they can write a 300-500 word summary of a movie idea and submit it under Creative Commons license. If a movie maker or Hollywood studio is interested, Make’n Movies will negotiate a deal for the lucky writer!

If you like the idea of making movies but not writing a screenplay, Make’n Movies is a great way to gage the interest of the public when it comes to your movie script ideas. Members will tell you what they think. After all it’s the audience that determines a Hollywood blockbuster.

Visit this innovative and entertaining new site today at and see what you think. Take a look around at the movie ideas, join free, and then vote on those that you like the best. Then get started writing your own movie script ideas and begin Make’n Movies!