zy Share Videos In Sync With Zync
Yahoo Research Berkeley, has launched a really handy plug in for Yahoo Messenger, Zync. Zync lets you share videos with your friends without waiting for them to see it, or worrying if it loaded properly, where is he now and so on.

All you and your friends need to do is install Zync in order to share videos from Yahoo, Youtube and Google in a synchronous manner. Zync allows you to watch videos with your friends in real time, users could also converse, pause, jump back on the video. Both users can control all this and both the videos remain in sync.

Google should have integrated video into GoogleTalk long time back. Yahoo truly beat them to the punch. 2007 will definitely be a year of product integrations for Google. They have just integrated Google Video with Google Finance. Lets see when this integration rolls out.
zync Share Videos In Sync With Zync