audiomicro Sell your Digital Content at AudioMicro AudioMicro a startup that offers all digital content (sound effects, music, composers) to put up their work on sale in a simple and secure way.

Your content is licensed by AudioMicro, after being accepted for review and if the content has a potential to attain license (perhaps to check out copyright etc). The terms and conditions can be viewed here.

The site simply lets you upload your content and be used commercially by the end client in various ways; from feature films and PowerPoint presentations to remixes (keeping in view that all comes under the word ‘legal’). So you produce once and let it bee used as many times as has to be.

The payment is made once the content is accepted and made available in the archives. Upon sale non-exclusive material gets 50% of the revenue while exclusive ones get 60%. So the more creative and unique content you have to offer the higher number of sales you have. To add more you don’t have to worry about copyright or having your work being used in another persons name; your content remains yours with AudioMicro.

The site is offering pretty much of everything for backdoor musicians to store room sound effect creators. Is this just another way to gain a wider user base? Well what ever it is they are paying in this world where nothing is free.