piratesquirrel thumb Self destruct notes with Privnote

The squirrel above has been worried with what it must do with the secret messages it has to send to comrades across the stretch of land, messages that need to be destroyed once read. Worried and lost a solution finally comes in with Privnote when we here recommend it to Cap’an Bushy Squirrel of the Web Pearl! And it was ready to set itself at some nibbling over the service

Privnote as it sounds is a unique way of sending your messages, the difference being that it lets you write your message, get a link for it an once it has been read by the person it is destroyed for the good of it. Privacy eh? Your message is read only by the person it that has the link or yourself; if somehow the link is pitted in by another person you can be informed about it and do something on your own.

So how does Squirrel know its message has been read, be it by ruffians or Squirrel’s loyal comrade? Simply enter your email ID and Privnote will make sure that you are informed the moment your message has been read. Interesting but what if Squirrel sent a message to a wrong person and regrets? No problem at simply click the link yourself and Kaboom! The message is gone forever! Now that does help doesn’t it!

“Will it cost me my gold?? Squirrel’s next big worry and all we had to say was:

It’s free Cap’an! And it’s easy too; you don’t have to explain ye comrades on how to ‘click’ a link.