image thumb63 Seesmic shrugs ADOBE AIR, buckles up to bring Seesmic for Windows

We have TweetDeck and Seesmic as the leading Twitter desktop clients and today  Seesmic is making a move to step in with Seesmic for Windows. No this isn’t an update to its existing application, but a full fledged program for Windows that will utilize many features of Windows 7. The project has been in working for quite some time and is available on request and would enable developers to easily fuse their products with the application, meaning the updates will be available as plugins, much like you have for your browsers. It also offers ease of use, meaning you can easily drag and drop users into lists and across the application itself, giving you an easier interface to enhance user experience.

Since it will have more functions added to it and that it uses Windows features, would this mean that Seesmic might actually take the cake away from TweetDeck? I mean Windows based devices are far more than those running other OS, so will we be seeing a default Seesmic anytime soon?