image thumb21 Say Your Prayers For Lexicon As Facebook Shuts Down The Tool

We are removing the product from Facebook, at least for now: says the page for Lexicon. No surprising at all as we had already reported the tool not seeing any updates on its page for quite some time. What’s surprising is the fact that the tool had been around for almost a year and a half and it was quite a useful one.

However, I personally think that the move has been made to create the much needed and an improved analytics tool. There is definitely a need for a much powerful and reliable tool to monitor engagement on the countless pages on the social network and more importantly how engaging is each one of them. Also the present year is going to be quite productive as the social network plans to introduce new tools for a better user experience. So to put it in simpler words, if you do happen to be waiting for a tool to have better analytics, you will have to wait longer enough until Facebook actually comes out with a better version of analytics.

The reason why I am emphasizing on Facebook having such a tool is obvious, there are so many pages out there that may take advantage of such tools. These would help them introduce more engaging content and actually figure what is it that there fans, members find more interesting. Other than that, brands are speeding up their entry into the social network to take advantage of its ever expanding user base.