image thumb83 Samsung To Announce Google Nexus Two On November 8 In New York City, As Rumors Put It

I bet quite a lot of you must have used the Google Nexus One? Rumors are growing strong on the Google Nexus Two which is reported to be announced next month on November 8. And here’s shocker, the Android based smartphone will not be manufactured by the seasoned HTC, which leaves Samsung to be the one managing the hardware bit.

The rumor has the backing of many reliable sources to make it believable. In my opinion the move was pretty obvious primarily because of the much appreciated Samsung Galaxy S which alone sold over 5 million of its devices. The reason for such a massive success was the Galaxy S’ extremely powerful hardware [though I seriously hate Samsung phones]. Coming over to the device specifications, the Nexus Two will have:

  • Dual Core CPU
  • GPU
  • Higher RAM
  • Android 3.0 Gingerbread

I know those specs barely tell us anything but trust me I am looking forward to a very powerful device from Samsung. Especially given the fact the the Android Platform hasn’t really created an impact in terms of high quality gaming like the Apple iPhone and plans are strong to produce high end gaming smartphones. We already talked about the Sony PlayStation Phone on Android 3.0.

We are still waiting for the Samsung Event on November 8 in the New York City. Who knows it’s just another Samsung device?

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