samepoint logo Samepoint puts a score board for comment count on US Presidential candidatesWith the U.S. Presidential elections coming closer, different networks/startups are trying to cover the event in the most innovative way possible. Samepoint is a search engine that track user conversations such as comments on different forums. Richard Krueger of Samepoint told Startup Meme that the startup has put together a special score board that will keep track of the comment count on U.S. Presidential candidates.

Following is the press release by the company:

New York (PRWEB) September 23, 2008 — has been tracking millions of conversations, taking place across hundreds of thousands of the most influential blogs and social media sites.

These conversations are being continuously monitored for mentions of the four candidates. Comment scores for each candidate are dynamically updated. The combined scores are based on actual comment count, and not on sentiment of those comments.’s election subsite also allows for easy browsing of the comments. The comment threads are organized by point-under-discussion and most commented. In addition to top political blogs, Samepoint also monitors micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter, popular social news sites, such as Digg and Delicious, video sites such as YouTube and Truveo, and discussion boards from Yahoo, Yelp and many other popular services.
“Social media is playing an increasingly important part in our lives and communities. Naturally, that would spill into politics. Just like the ale houses of revolutionary days, social media provides a safe haven where issues are debated, thoughts exchanged, and a few insults slung,” commented Richard Krueger, Samepoint Chief Conversations Officer.

“We’re living in an age of user-generated influence, where anyone can have a voice. If these voices, aggregated across the most popular online communities, could provide us with a social media barometer, maybe we’ll know which way the wind will blow during this extremely close election,” added Krueger.

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To see who’s currently winning in the great social media debate, tune into — and add a comment while you’re at it.