rambler logo Russian Anti trust Regulators deny Google of ZAO Begun Google had recently acquired ZAO Begun, Russian site Rambler Media’s advertising unit, thereby allowing Rambler to use Google’s technology for search and advertisements.

Though things didn’t seem to go as planned when Russian anti-trust regulators blocked Google’s bid to buy yet another firm; claiming that Google had not submitted complete information of their employees in Russia, hence Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) couldn’t evaluate the deal’s consequences.

In a statement, Google expressed their views on the decision:

"We are very disappointed to hear that FAS has come to this decision. We strongly believe that this acquisition will enable us to significantly improve opportunities for Russian users, advertisers and publishers as well as the entire industry. At this time we are reviewing FAS’s decision. Once this process is complete, we will decide on our next steps."

It seems that Google is having to deal with anti-trust authorities all around the globe, could be that the authorities have a liking for Google?