twitter logo Rumor – Facebook Thinking of Buying Twitter

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in his interview with John Battelle, CEO of Federated Media, has hinted that Facebook might buy Twitter in order to boost its status service. This has been an issue of intense speculation these days, and Battelle thought of getting some official words out on the subject. Here’s what Battelle managed to squeeze out:

"Is Twitter just a feature of Facebook?" Battelle prodded. Facebook, after all, has its own "status" feature that arguably competes with micro-blogging services like Twitter and FriendFeed.

Zuckerberg answered cryptically. "Oh, that’s tough."

Battelle then asked if Facebook’s chief financial officer, Gideon Yu (yes, the one who’s reportedly hunting for venture capital dollars in Dubai right now, depending on who you ask) has a "build-or-buy spreadsheet" on the wall of his office, jokingly implying that the company could be weighing the option of acquiring Twitter to boost its own "update" service. There wouldn’t be a particularly logical way for the two to integrate, but what the heck? It’s juicy, unfounded gossip ripe for the mongering! And once these things start, they can get deliciously out of hand.

The young CEO laughed it off, and said he’s "really impressed by what they’ve done" at Twitter, and that it’s "a very elegant model." He added that Twitter has signed on to the Facebook Connect data portability initiative.