image thumb212 RIP, Yahoo Mash Yahoo had attempted to make it big in the social networking scene with the launch of Yahoo 360 but things didn’t turn out to be as they had anticipated, bringing it down to a shut down. That wasn’t the last of shut downs we have seen from Yahoo and there are more to make way. However the present report is concerned with Mash.

The service is set to be choked on 29th of September, 2008 and users having profiles on it have been requested to save any information they have on their Mash profiles. Saddening? No, I don’t think so given the microscopic number of users Mash had. The shut down wouldn’t hurt anyone in particular and even for those who did have one would over come the loss in no time given the countless alternatives (that are way much better than this).

But what it will do is bring a bad name to Yahoo, I mean who has two services shut down one after another, and specially those that they had thought to be pretty successful? What could the reasons be? Firstly, both 360 and Mash had been poorly marketed; secondly Yahoo should have done more homework if it had to come out big, if it had to make a stand, I mean the site hardly had 3000 users! I would suggest Yahoo to make sure they have a proper plan before they launch some service, just for the heck of it, seriously it sounds ridiculing when one a big name like Yahoo rolls back one service after another.

Following email was received by mash users:

image thumb213 RIP, Yahoo Mash