image thumb14 Register And Get Apple! Are You Kidding? It’s The Latest Facebook Scam

What’s the best way to boost the number of fans on your fan page? Exploit their desires, something which many have done out and about on Facebook. The latest to surface is the scam that says it will give you Apple’s latest gadget, the iPad for free only if you are to register your information as well as the cell phone number on the destination site.

Of course the deal is worth falling for the bait. I mean especially those die hard Apple fans who would do anything to sniff the tiniest bit of news or just a touch on the Apple devices, would readily have fallen prey to it. The worst part is that you are requested to provide the cell phone numbers of your friends on the site as well and you end up being charged $10 a week. To be honest these scams only succeed in fishing the less aware of users and one reason why we make sure that such scams are covered immediately so that the maximum users are aware of it.

I would just advice that the next time you get the deal of your life on Facebook or anywhere on the Web just make sure that you inquire about it with the countless friends you have there. It is always good to be safe than sorry.