issulogo Read popular magazines online for free by issuu If reading magazines is your thing, you’ll be lost online without issuu. Read some of the most popular magazines for free on issuu.

issuu has quickly earned the honorable place in my bookmarks, as it keeps me away from the paper copies that are oh-so-90’s now. issuu is a living library where you can upload and share the web’s best publications and get recommendations from your friends.

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issuu also allows you to convert your documents into interactive online publications and share them around the world with anyone. This feature reminds be of Scribd and although I wont be comparing the two, issuu gets the job done very well. Some of its features are:

  • Upload any PDF file and have it instantly converted to an online publication.

  • Join a living library where you and your friends comment, share and have fun.

  • Enjoy online publications in crisp vector graphics and full screen mode.

  • Post your publications on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, LiveJournal, Orkut etc.

  • Embed your publications with our non-branded standalone viewer or as a small preview.

  • Reach your audience everywhere in the world with our one-click viral service.

    All these features are built around a social community so you can share and get  recommendations from your friends using issuu as well. They also have a Facebook app for Facebook Pages. Rating is also allowed on any document.

    issuu have just updated their service some time ago and introduced secret documents, which will make your document unavailable for searching and no one except the publisher will know the URL. They also made some performance improvements, added an explicit filter, email notifications and the option to turn off ratings.

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    Personally I love the viewer application of issuu made in Flash. It allows you to flip pages and zoom and pan through just one click. You can also comment on the published document and print it for your liking too. The viewer also allows a great deal of customization so you can pimp it out to our heart’s content

    Overall, issuu provides a very fluid and fast experience and is the next best thing to the real thing ( or better than the real thing in my opinion ). Plus, your documents will look great as well through the sharing feature and the flash viewer of issuu. Highly recommended!

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