image thumb10 Project Management Made Easy With Teamwork Live!

We have been taking a break with posting at Engine021. Guess it’s time we put our act together and begun sharing interesting stories and more importantly talk about Web Startups. It is interesting how I had a discussion on business model generation, pitching your startup idea and more importantly about how teams need to be better collaborate. The collaboration factor is absolutely important as it impacts efficiency and the overall outcome of the progress. This brings me to Teamwork Live, a web startup that helps team collaborate better.

Teamwork Live provides you and your team an easy to use project management tool. The idea is to streamline the entire process and ensure that anything associated to the projects being handled are fully organized. We will discuss some of its key features in brief to give our readers an insight on what Teamwork Live is about.

image thumb11 Project Management Made Easy With Teamwork Live!

Teamwork Live Project Management Features

Instantly setup new projects using Teamwork Live dashboard and add relevant details. Teamwork Live updates you on record duplication, set status on the projects and assign team members. You can even add projects to existing Clients using the same.

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