image thumb67 Post Mortem of Chinese Online Economy Trends Spotting has published a report about online China that could become a useful resource for online China observers, analysts or investors and everyone else interested in technology and web stats in general.

The focus areas of the report are: China as an online leader, China Insider – the competitive landscape in Search, IM & Web 2.0, and Business in Online China. All these areas are essentially the most vital indicators of the ongoing development of Chinese Internet market.

Key Points of the report are:

  • China is the largest market for Internet users (253 MM as of June 2008) despite the fact that only 19.1% of the country’s population is online.The rapid growth in Internet usage can be estimated from the fact that around half of Top 20 trafficked Asia Pacific sites are in China.
  • Chinese Internet is for Virtual Fun. Chinese are much addicted to Internet than their US counterparts.
  • Local players outperforms western players.Tencent’s QQ leads the IM market with whopping 78% market share. Google has mere 25% market share in Chinese search market.
  • China ranks above daily Global average across all social media . More than one third of Chinese netizens spend 1-3 hours daily on BBS. As we reported earlier BBS are acting as grape vine to spread buzz like ‘Fake Tiger Scam‘ & ‘Nail House‘.
  • Did you meet JingJing & Chacha ? They are Chinas virtual cops . Internet censorship is very common in China but 85% of Chinese Citizens approve Internet Censorship .

You can also go through the entire report which is embedded below.

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