image thumb145 Pillow Fight App On Facebook And Have Spam Your Affection Out!

Put aside the new Help Center, which I bet not many users really care about using as intensely as they would a nice addictive application. And isn’t Facebook already filled with such applications for example Farmville because of which many employers have actually started to think banning the use of the social network at work. However there is another one in rising in ranks and that is all about showing your affection by throwing pillows at each others; rightly called Pillow Fight. Virtually of course.

I guess the surge in users of the application had primarily had a boost of users during the holiday season where almost everyone had a lot of time to spare. While the idea sounds quite funny, it isn’t really funny when one’s profile is flooded with updates and notifications of one friend throwing a pillow at another. That appears very ridiculously annoying to me at least and those updates more or less appear to be something that developers of such apps have masterminded to gain more users. Now if you talk about an application that sends gifts on Christmas, it sounds justified enough to bear with the hundred of updates filling your news feed, but applications as useless as these, it is plain unbearable.

Spam Apps?

Do you have a better name? I guess no one does and when you look how the user base for such apps jumps as they go viral it boggles your mind even more. It was interesting to read that the Pillow Fight app has jumped from 3 million to over 6 million users in less than a week. The reason? It’s definitely not the quality of app (seriously I see nothing of value in it to go this viral.

So what makes it bag so many users and what to do?

Difficult to answer that question and in my opinion that viral growth it primarily due to excessive wall posts on user profiles. What Facebook can do is introduce more filtering options for users so that those of us who hate being notified about how many pillows a friend X has thrown at Y to show their unfathomable love, people like me aren’t left scrolling those updates. I mean facebook is introducing better features but why can’t it introduce a more automated feature to block these apps?

I would be interested in having our readers talk about what app floods their news feed with updates?