image328 Picsviewr: View Flickr imagesWhat could be better than having to view images in your friends Flickr account in different templates and without a need to signup for a service? We are always looking forward to easing the way we live and go about out work and to ease one of these task; of viewing images, Picsviewr comes as a pretty handy service.

All it requires users to do is use the URL : and replace the username with that of a person whose photos you’d like to view. Your browser is directed to the album and retrieves them into a template that users like. The view isn’t set by default and they have the privilege to select from the given, these at present include tiltviewer, polaroid, dfgallery, flashapi, slide, grey, dark, pictobrowser, with more in the pipeline.

Users can also set the quality of the images they view and for a note the feature may not function with a couple of templates. Overall Picsviewr offers Flickr users a neat, interactive and free place to view the images they want to see at Flickr. I found it pretty nice and made viewing images at Flickr pretty easy and attractive.

image thumb257 Picsviewr: View Flickr images