picasawebalbumlogo2 Picasa has a new ‘Photo Viewer’With Picasa 3, comes a new Photo Viewer which is quicker and more focused. According to Google’s software engineer Clay Wood the latest Photo Viewer has been designed to work better and provide fast image viewing.

Users can have a full screen view by just double clicking on any of the snaps. Furthermore they can quickly rotate any image, star it, upload it to the Picasa Web Albums drop box, run a slideshow along with other photos in the similar folder, etc.

picasaphotoviewer thumb Picasa has a new ‘Photo Viewer’

Image Source: Google Photos Blog

The new Photo Viewer also allows users to quickly zoom in and out while viewing snaps using mouse scroll. With the ‘More Options’ button you can send the image to the printer, blog or any photo editor.

The Photo Viewer can be added while installing  Picasa 3, and if you want to turn back to earlier photo viewer, you can also do that easily. If you already have Picasa 3 but don’t have the latest Photo Viewer, all you need is to go to the ‘Tools’ and then click ‘Configure Photo Viewer’.

Picasa Web Albums is certainly getting better with a lot of cool options coming to it such as credit on user photos if re-used, image upload using email, etc. With these features coming in, it would not be surprising to see more of these soon.

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