image thumb85 Phishing scam now rampant on Twitter. Facebook you are not alone!

When almost half the people on Twitter consider that the purpose of Twitter is primarily having maximum followers it becomes easier for scammers to fish follower hungry users. Earlier today a similar one broke out at Twitter that had the right words to Phish the ever demanding Tweeples. A tweet would appear in your stream with the ever enticing OMG I just got over 1000 followers today from Just watch out and don’t click the link. And in case you do just don’t enter your Twitter credentials when you are directed to the site. The account from which it originated has been suspended but it keeps appearing now and then from those who have fallen victim to it.

The phishing season has got quite a fire these days, the worst hit has been Facebook. While there is no way one can guarantee whether these scams succeed or fail, they have a very high probability of making it big on Twitter. The major reason being the ever click ready population that Twitter has. As for stopping or banning these accounts, it gets quite impossible once they spread like a virus. The only way to protect one from these is to make sure what you click on and where you are taken to. The other question it makes one asks is what third party apps are trustworthy, given that there is a new one every now and then and that all of them make registration easy by simply asking us to use our Twitter login information. Just play it safe that’s all I can say.